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Introducing  Antonio DeMichele

Where do I come From ?

Community is the essence of Davenport. We grew up in an area that was accepting of all cultures, religions, and faiths. This multicultural makeup shapes the person I have become and the families/students I hope to represent.

I will fight for Inclusion, Equality and Acceptance of all Students

We have to find a place for everyone and grow from our experiences. Being born and raised in Davenport by Italian parents who came to Canada in 1952. I have been in the area all my life (1967) and in the same house with my own family now. My parents both worked in Public schools. My Dad was a Custodian and my Mom was a Cafeteria worker.  

All my convictions are rooted in the Public School System so Let me help improve our schools, one school at a time! 

Equality Meets Opportunity

Ward # 9 is a very diverse and unique Community and my goal is to simply make the quality of life for the families in Davenport better.  Get their children to school SAFELY !. Make sure that all children, if they have a learning challenge or are identifying a certain way or whatever it may be, will be INCLUDED in the school system with the right to learn and thrive. The theme is COMMUNITY. I know there are many challenges but School and the right to learn, safely and in an inclusive environment is on all of us to make REAL.

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